How to Convert Mkv to Avi

MKV and AVI are both video container formats that are used in the PC world; these “container” formats hold information, and in the case of these formats, the information that they hold is usually concerning audio and video. The MKV format was created by Matroska and any information needed about MKV can easily be found at the Matroska website. MKV is an open standard, meaning that it is freely available for everyone to implement support for the format if they desire, however it was not until more recent years that MKV got recognition.

AVI is the more popular of the two formats even though it does not have as many features as MKV and because the MKV format is not as popular, there may be instances where conversion from MKV to AVI for various purposes may be needed. AVI files are popular for tasks such as video editing or burning to DVD which is difficult to do with MKV files as the support is limited or non-existent in the more popular burning programs such as Adobe or Cyberlink; fortunately there are utilities available that can be used to convert MKV to AVI.

Things You Will Need

PC or laptop

Internet connection

Conversion software


Using your PC or laptop go online and search for a free tool that can convert MKV to AVI; popular choices include Format Factory, Media Coder and VirtualDubMod.

Once downloaded, install the burning program that you intend to use and run it.

Locate the MKV file that you would like to convert to AVI and drag it into the program.

Depending on the program used you may be prompted for a conversion option; if you are prompted select AVI. If you are not prompted and are using software such as VirtualDubMod then click on FILE then SAVE AS; in the window that opens, specify at the bottom AVI as the output container.

Hit the button to save the file or start the encoding or conversion process in the program that you are using.

Once completed your MKV should be converted to AVI.

Do’s and Dont’s

MKV files are capable of retaining the structure of the original movie disc that they were created from – If you want to burn your MKV to DVD but your burning application does not support it do not convert to AVI, instead you should find another application that will burn the MKV directly to DVD while preserving the structure of the file.

Though there are many free programs available to work with MKV files there are also some applications that may require you to purchase them in order to unlock certain features; ensure that you have exhausted all the free options before paying for additional software.

The Matroska website has tools and links to additional tools for working with MKV files; tools for creating MKV files from existing files or extracting the audio, video, subtitle or chapter information out of an MKV file is freely available for download.