How to Convert Mp3 to Aac

If you would like to convert files from MP3 to AAC there are programs you may purchase to do this. Fortunately, if you are already a user of iTunes, you may use it to convert your MP3 files to AAC. AAC is a lossy compression audio codec that produces slightly better sound quality than MP3. While MP3 is used universally, AAC is slowly becoming a preferred codec that may be used in most computer based players. If your desire to convert to this format is grounded in a need for improved quality then you should not be disappointed. Additionally, AAC will use less space than a typical MP3. This means if you convert several files to AAC you will then notice a significant reduction in the space required to store audio files. Once you have converted the MP3 files to AAC with iTunes they will be playable in any compatible device.

Required Tools and Materials

MP3 Files


1. Launch the iTunes application. Once open go to Edit, select Preferences and then select the General tab. At this point you will need to click the Import Settings. Essentially you will be choosing the type of conversion that you will like to perform.
2. At the Import drop down menu select AAC encoder from the list of options. Customize your file by selecting the Custom option. It is best that you choose the exact bit rate that is used on your MP3 files. Choosing a higher or lower bit rate may affect the overall quality. Your ultimate aim is to produce an AAC file that is comparable to, if not better than your existing MP3 file.
3. Click on OK and exit the preferences menu.
4. Now you are ready to select the file or files that will be converted. Go to your iTunes Library window and select all the tracks you would like to convert. You may select the complete list of tracks by using Apple +A or Ctrl +A found on your Keyboard. You may also use the iTunes Kind column to sort your existing list. This will automatically produce a list of only MP3 files. It is best to convert all at once if you are interested in using the AAC format more frequently.
5. After you have selected all the files, simply right click on one of the files to choose the Create AAC version. You may also choose this option from the Advance tab. Depending on the number of files you have chosen the conversion process may take a while.
6. After the conversion process is done you should have both AAC files and MP3 files on your hard drive. If you wish to delete your MP3 files consider making backup copies of them. While AAC will give you better sound quality and use storage space more effectively, remember it will not be playable in most external devices.

Tips and Warnings

Be sure to play back all your newly created AAC files to make certain that they were converted correctly.