How to Convert Mp3 to Mp4

The MP3 file format is the audio format of choice for persons worldwide for music and other audio files including audio lessons and other playback; MP3 is a lossy file format which means that audio files saved in this format lose some of the original quality. The MP3 format is so widespread that support is available on commonly used items such as DVD players, car audio systems and portable players; in order to attain good quality with MP3 files the bitrate of the file should be set between 96kbps and 320kpbs for best performance, with the higher bitrate giving higher quality but also occupying more space. Setting the bitrate below 96kbps will most likely give noticeable quality loss but above 320kbps any increase in quality may not be discernable; even though MP3 is a lossy format the main reason it is so popular is due to the fact that the human ear is unable to pick up the differences in certain pitches of audio which is what is mostly lost when converting from a source to MP3.

MP4 on the other hand is a video container format which is capable of housing multiple audio and video streams. MP4 stands for MPEG-4 Part 14 and is a part of the MPEG-4 system of compressing audio and video files; as can be seen MP4 was intended to work specifically with MPEG digital video and audio, however it also stores other data including subtitles and still images. Since MP3 files are audio files and MP4 containers hold both audio and video, MP3 files can be converted to MP4 files but there will be no video associated with the MP3 file and so the audio will play just fine but there will be a blank video screen; however if for some reason you still decide to convert from MP3 to MP4, here’s how you do it.


• PC or laptop
• MP3 files
• Internet connection
• Conversion software


1. Locate the MP3 files on your computer that you would like to convert to MP4.
2. Create a new folder on your desktop or in an easily accessible location.
3. Copy the desired MP3’s to the new folder for ease of access.
4. If conversion software is not already installed, search for online and download a conversion application. Popular free choices include Format Factory and Media Coder.
5. Either specify the target format beforehand, or drag the copied MP3 files into the program interface and then specify the target format and hit the button to start the conversion process.
6. On completion you may open the output folder from within the program or locate it manually.
7. From the output folder your converted MP4 files will be available for whatever use you require.


Do not delete your MP3 files after converting to MP4 as the latter is a video format.
Be advised that converting MP3 to MP4 will only provide audio playback with a blank screen from various compatible video playback software.