How to Convert Mp4 to Avi

MP4 and AVI are both video file formats that are used in the computer world; AVI is the older and more popular of the two formats and as such more programs are available on the market that will support AVI files. These two formats are container formats, meaning that they have audio and video in separate streams but combine them in a single file or container; this container is played back by different players but the difference is that some players will be able to open the MP4 container while others will not, which is why changing the container from one format to another may become necessary. Since the formats are simply containers some persons may ask if it is possible to take the streams out and then place them in another container; this process is doable but only with the use of third party applications and manually going through the process may be very tedious so it is recommended to use either a free or paid application that will allow the conversion to be done in a few simple clicks.


• PC or laptop
• Internet connection
• MP4 file
• Conversion software


1. Start up your computer or laptop.
2. Connect to the internet and open your web browser.
3. Search for MP4 to AVI conversion software and download the one of your choice. Popular selections include Format Factory, Media Coder and Super; other paid solutions exist such as River Past Video Cleaner, so the choice is yours on which to get.
4. Install the downloaded program and start it.
5. Set the desired output format from within the program if applicable.
6. Drag the MP4 file into the program and hit the option to start the conversion process.
7. Once completed you may locate the converted file manually or by opening the output folder from within the program.


Do not delete the original MP4 file until you have verified that your converted file works properly.
Ensure that you do not convert the video stream to a format that you do not have a decoder for; popular formats include DivX and XviD but depending on your needs other encoders such as X264 are available.
If the original or output video will not play on your computer consider downloading a codec or filter pack such as CCCP or Shark007’s codecs. Searching for either in Google will bring up results with the websites and download links. Use CCCP on Windows XP or lower and Shark007 has separate packages for Windows Vista and Windows 7 so choose the one appropriate for your operating system.
If you do not want to install additional codecs on your PC or laptop you may look into standalone players such as KMplayer or MPC-HC. Please note that without installing one of the aforementioned codec or filter packs the video may not be usable in other programs such as Nero, Adobe Premiere or VirtualDub.