How to Convert Mp4 to Divx

The word abbreviation MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group and not only defines the various video and audio standards but also speaks of the organization; the MPEG organization or group has brought the world various technologies such as the well-known DVD standard which is based on the MPEG2 video standard and the rising HD formats such as BluRay which is based on the MPEG4-AVC standard. MP4 is a video container format that conforms to MPEG standards and was intended to hold MPEG based video and audio streams; although MP4 was primarily made for storing MPEG audio and video files, the container format also allows audio, video, subtitle and chapters to be used and may be setup with a structure similar to a DVD with menus and chapters.

DivX is a video codec that was originally developed by Jerome Rota as a means of sending decent quality video over the internet with a relatively small size; the project continued and soon additional persons joined up to freely contribute to the development of the codec. However there was a split within the group which led to the continued development of a paid video codec by a part of the group, with another part of the group branching out and creating a free alternative called XviD which is DivX spelled backwards.

DivX has continued to develop on their video codec and has now created a video container format which is similar to the MP4 container format in features, but key differences are that MP4 has less chapter and subtitle support while DivX has video formatting restrictions and only supports MP3, PCM and AC-3 audio; for various reasons you may find it necessary to convert MP4 file to the DivX format, here is what you will need to complete this task.


• PC or laptop
• DivX software suite
• Internet connection (optional)


1. Download and install the DivX software suite if it is not already installed.
2. Locate the MP4 files that you would like to convert.
3. Open the DivX converter from the Start menu.
4. Drag and drop the MP4 files into the converter and then select the video profile you would like to use. Select the option to combine the videos if you would like to do so.
5. Hit the START button and wait for the conversion to complete; a timer will be visible that will give you an estimated completion time.
6. Once the process is completed you may open the output folder by using the OPEN button located at the bottom right of the screen.


Please be advised that you will not be able to use certain of the DivX features without first purchasing the software.
DivX allows the user to run a fully unrestricted trial period before purchase or reverting to a limited mode where some features are unavailable. Decide on whether or not you would like to purchase the software within this time and purchase if required.