How to Convert Mp4 to Dvd

If you would like to convert an MP4 to DVD you will need to obtain a program that is capable of authoring and converting your MP4 file(s). There are many programs available online, some are freeware others will require you to purchase the software. The MP4 format is commonly used in Playstation Portable (PSP), iPod, iPhone and iTunes. It is used to store both audio and video data and may not be compatible with most standalone CD or DVD players. For this example the program DVD creator will be used.

Required Tools and Materials

Aimersoft DVD Creator
MP4 File(s)


1. Download Aimersoft DVD Creator. Install it using the setup guide that comes with the download.
2. Open DVD creator. Once on the interface click on Load Video. This will allow you to browse the selection of MP4 video files currently on your hard drive. Add the file or files you would like to convert to DVD. You may play the MP4 to ensure that you have chosen the correct file.
3. Drag and drop your MP4 file into the storyboard to prepare it for conversion.
4. You may at this point Convert your file and burn it simultaneously to DVD by clicking the Burn option. However customizing your DVD is recommended.
5. To customize your MP4 file you may choose to use the slideshow option. By using this you will segment your MP4 files into different subsets with titles that may be selected individually in a standalone DVD player. Click on the Add Slideshow option. This will generate a new slide, drag and drop the MP4 video into this slide. You may add a few more slides to create a DVD with more than one title. This is best used with videos that are not very large. For example if the video represents an episode of a program it will be beneficial to separate it into its own title. This will not be well suited for entire movies. You may use Remove Slideshow to remove those slides you do not want or Play Slideshow to preview what you have created.
6. You may then edit the MP4 video by selecting on the Edit option. This will allow you to crop the size of the video, trim the total length and make alterations to the effects.
7. You may use the Transition option to create smooth transitions from one video to the next. Once you have chosen the transition you want. Drag and drop it between the videos of your choice.
8. You may then customize the DVD menu by selecting the Menu option. You may use the templates that are provided to create frames and buttons. To choose any of the options you like double click on it and it will automatically be shown on the DVD’s menu. You may also add background music, text and an image from your computer to complete the customization of your menu.
9. Select the Preview option to ensure that your videos are exactly as you would like them to be. You may go back if you are not satisfied with the results.
10. You may then click the Burn option. This will allow you to either Burn your newly created DVD to a folder, a DVD disk, or a DVD ISO image. If you would simply like to convert the MP4 to a DVD playable format select the ISO image option which you may burn to disc at a later time.
11. Once you have made your choice click Start and your project will be created. This may take some time.

Tips and Warnings

You have the option to choose low or high video quality. Higher quality DVDs will require more space on the hard drive during and after the conversion process.