How to Convert Rm to Dvd

RealMedia or RM is a container format that stores audio and video content. RM is widely used to stream music and videos online. RM is, however, not compatible with standalone DVD players. If you would like to watch your video in an external device you will need to convert your current RM file to DVD. To do this you will need a specialized program to perform the conversion. The programs WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and Xilisoft will be used to demonstrate the process.

Required Materials and Tools
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe/Xilisoft Converter
RM File(s)

Converting RM to DVD using WinX HD

1. Install WinX HD Converter. This can be downloaded for free from the official website. The file is small allowing for quick installation. Follow the setup guide that comes with the package and install the program. Once it has been installed, the interface will automatically launch.
2. Click on the Add file button to import your RM file(s). Browse the list of RM files and select the one you would like to convert.
3. After you have selected your file click on the DVD option, which is located in the centre of the user interface.
4. You may then change the settings to determine the quality of your DVD. You may alter the Audio/Video quality, video frame rate, Audio/Video codec, video resolution and audio sample quality.
5. Once you have made modifications to the settings click the Start button to begin converting the RM file to DVD. You will be given the option to either shut down the computer once the DVD file is created or to automatically open the output folder once the conversion is complete.
6. When the process is finished, open the DVD’s destination folder and preview the results.

Converting RM to DVD using Xilisoft

Xilisoft will perform the conversion without affecting the quality of the current RM file. Additionally, you will be able to convert several types of audio and video formats.

1. Download Xilisoft from the official website. Follow the setup instructions to complete the installation.
2. Open the program by double clicking on Quick Start.
3. Open the RM file you would like to convert by clicking on the Add button.
4. Choose the DVD option. This will produce a DVD output file.
5. Choose a destination folder for your newly created DVD file.
6. Click the Encode option to begin converting the DVD.

Tips and Warnings

Always preview the results after the file has been converted. This ensures that there are no flaws in the output file. If you are dissatisfied with the quality, convert the file once more but with different settings. The original RM file will still be available after the conversion unless you deleted it or chose to overwrite it during the process.

The time taken to complete each conversion will vary and will largely depend on the size of the individual RM file and speed of your CPU.

Do not shut down your computer before the conversion is finished. This may result in unexpected errors.