How to Convert Rm to Mp3

Real Media or RM is a container format that holds audio and video data. This format is typically used to stream videos and music online because of its compact size and relatively good sound and video quality. Unfortunately, the RM format is not compatible with most external devices including car radios and CD players. This means that if you would like to listen to your RM audio files without the use of your computer or a Real Media player, you will need to convert it to a more convenient format. The best option is the MP3 format which is compatible with most standalone players. MP3 files will be larger but will still maintain audio integrity. There are a variety of converters to choose from, many of these can be downloaded online for a small fee or completely free of charge. If you prefer not to pay for a converter then Free RM to MP3 Converter is a perfectly good option. This program will not work on Mac O/S and is made specifically for the Windows operating system.

Required Tools and Materials

Windows O/S
Free RM to MP3 converter
RM file


1. First go to the website that offers the free distribution. Once there, download the setup package. The program is small and will not require much disk space.
2. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions for setup and install the program. If you have any problems installing the program delete the current setup package and download the converter once more from the website and attempt installation a second time.
3. After you have successfully installed the program launch it.
4. The interface should now be in clear view. Load your RM files by selecting the Add Files option. You will need to browse your computer’s file system to locate the files. To make this process move more quickly always place your audio files in a folder that is labelled music. For even better organization label a specific subfolder RM and place all RM files here. If your files are not in one location this may take a little longer than normally expected. It is simply easier to locate and sort your RM files before opening the converter.
5. Once you have chosen all the RM files to convert you may now change the settings. If you do not wish to change the settings you can ignore this option.
6. To begin converting the files select the Start option.

Tips and Warning

When converting to MP3 you may adjust the bit rate. It is best that you use a lower bit rate if you are concerned about the file size, but not much lower than 128Kbit/s. Most MP3s are set to 128 Kbit/s because the audio quality is satisfactory at this level; however for the more discerning ear 320Kbit/s may be preferable.

Do not power down your PC during the conversion process this will result in incomplete conversions.

After your files have been converted listen to them to ensure that they are free of faults and are of an acceptable quality.