How to Convert Songs to Ringtones

It has become the common practice for persons to use a favorite song as their ringtone as the default ringtones can be pretty boring, or just to be unique; you might have thought the only way to get the songs you want is to pay and download them or to buy an expensive phone, but converting songs to be used as ringtones is a pretty simple process that can be done on most modern phones if you have a few necessary tools. Here is a quick rundown of the items you will need and what you will need to do to get the job done.


• Computer/laptop
• Audio file
• Cell phone
• Data cable for cell phone
• Software for cell phone (optional)
• Card Reader and Memory card (optional)


1. Create a folder on the computer and copy all of the songs that you want to convert to that folder. If the cell phone came with software that supports transferring files to it, start the software and copy the songs into the software’s window; the software should have options for converting the songs to a format that can be read by the phone.
2. If there is no software for the phone you will need to download a program such as Format Factory or Media Coder that can convert the songs for you.
3. Once the program you are using is installed, start it and check the options to see if it supports conversions for your phone; if your phone is not listed, there still might be a default setting that will work with most phones.
4. Drag the songs you want to convert into the program and hit the button to start the conversion. Once the conversion is completed open the folder where the converted file is saved and then us your data cable to copy the converted song to the appropriate directory on your phone.

Some phones support MP3 files and so no conversion is necessary before you can copy the file to your phone to be used as a ringtone.
Some phones will also use a memory card to store pictures, music and video; if your phone is like this then you can simply take the memory card out of the phone and plug it into a card reader connected to your computer and copy the files to the memory card to eliminate having to use a data cable.


Don’t use third party software to do the conversion if you have original software for the phone as the original software will convert and cut the song to the required format and size for your particular phone.
Check to see if you can copy the entire song to your phone or if it can only support a few seconds of audio; if this is the case you will have to use an audio editing program to cut out the unwanted portions of the song.