How to Convert Vcd to Mp3

The term VCD is short for Video Compact Disc and refers to a CD that contains both video or pictures and audio; the compression standard used on VCDs is MPEG and as such VCDs can be played in all computers with a DVD or CD ROM drive and in almost any DVD player.
MP3 is an audio layer associated with MPEG-1 and MPEG-2; MP3 is currently the most popular audio format worldwide even though it uses lossy data compression. MP3 was designed to provide sound quality close to that of the original audio file while being smaller in size.
Converting a VCD to MP3 doesn’t really make sense since a VCD has both audio and video and MP3 is audio only; however you may come upon a situation where such a conversion is necessary so here are the steps you would take to convert VCDs to MP3s.


• PC or laptop
• VCD disc
• Ripping software
• VirtualDubMod
• Audacity


1. In order to convert from VCD to MP3 you will first need to convert the VCD to AVI.
2. Go online and search for various solutions for converting VCD to AVI.
3. Once found test options available to determine if a free or paid solution will work for your needs.
4. Download and install the program you selected.
5. Run the program.
6. From within the program open a source video and set the VCD as the source.
7. In the output options set the video to AVI with any video codec and any audio codec if MP3 is not in the list.
8. Hit the appropriate button to begin the conversion process and wait till it is completed.
9. Download and install VirtualDubMod or extract the ZIP version of the file. Run the program and either drag and drop the created AVI file into the program or open it from the file menu.
10. Click on STREAMS and then STREAM LIST.
11. If the audio was converted to MP3 then click the MP3 stream and then hit the button marked DEMUX. You will be prompted for the name and location of the new MP3 file to be extracted.
12. If the audio was converted to something aside from MP3 then click on the SAVE WAV button and specify the location and name of the new file.
13. Download and install Audacity or run the executable from within the ZIP version.
14. Drag and drop the WAV file that was created into Audacity.
15. Click on FILE and then EXPORT AS MP3. You will be prompted to for the save location and optionally to change the name. Set these parameters and save.
16. Your MP3 is now ready for whichever use you choose and can be edited again in Audacity if you desire to extract a specific section.


Don’t rush to purchase a program before trying free alternatives.
Try to find a program that will allow exporting the AVI with MP3 sound to minimize the steps needed.