How to Convert Wav to Mp3

MP3 is the most popular audio format in use today and there are many different portable devices that support this format; due to the immense popularity of the format and the much smaller size of MP3s compared to WAV files, some audio CD players are designed to handle discs that may have MP3 files and people can copy their music collections to MP3 for travel purposes. If you have already downloaded some software to rip your audio CD but have found that you only have WAV files, or if you have some WAV files on your PC that you would like to convert to MP3 here are some steps to help you with the process.

Things You Will Need

• PC or laptop
• Audio CD or WAV files
• Conversion software
• Internet Connection (optional)
• MP3 player

Instructions with Bundled Software

1. Start your PC or laptop and locate the WAV files that you would like to convert.
2. Start your bundled software. Your MP3 player will most likely have bundled software such as iTunes for the iPod player.
3. Drag the WAV files into the library section of your bundled software or into the conversion drop-box and hit the option to commence the conversion.
4. On completion your bundled software may prompt if you would like to synchronize your newly created MP3 files. Follow the instructions of the prompt to have your MP3 files copied to your device or burned to an MP3 disc.

Instructions without Bundled Software

1. Using your internet connection download free conversion software such as Format Factory or purchase a conversion application such as NCH Switch Audio Converter and install on your PC or laptop.
2. Once installed select the option to convert to MP3 if applicable and then drag the WAV files into the window.
3. Once you have dragged all the WAV files you would like to convert into the program hit the button to start the conversion process.
4. On completion locate the destination folder of the converted files. This may be done by a button in your program that will open the output folder or may be done manually depending on the program used.
5. Copy the MP3 files to your device after attaching to your PC or laptop via the data cable or burn to a CD using your preferred disc burning application.

Do’s and Dont’s

If using a program to rip audio from your CD to WAV before converting to MP3, ensure that on completion of the process you remove the WAV files from your PC or laptop as the size of a single WAV file may exceed the size of all the converted MP3 files.

Most modern ripping applications such as Audio Grabber have the facility to rip directly to MP3 or automatically remove the created WAV files on completion. Either opt to go directly to MP3 in the interest of saving your hard drive space or ensure that the option to remove the WAV files on completion is checked.