How to Convert Wma to Mp3

MP3 is the world’s most popular audio file format and has support on multiple platforms ranging from portable players, to theatre systems, to car audio players that support the format; WMA is an audio format developed by Microsoft which is very competitive with MP3 and has additional features such as file security to ensure that your music collection is not copied by someone else and distributed. The MP3 format was developed by the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) to compliment their video standards; the MP3 format is a lossy audio format meaning that some quality is lost during conversion however the loss of quality is usually not noticeable to the human ear.

WMA is short for Windows Media Audio and is the format that has succeeded the older Windows default audio format, WAV; WMA has both a lossless and lossy variant which means that files copied to the WMA format can maintain their original quality or the quality and file size can be reduced. Even though WMA is very widely used and is the default format for ripping audio in Windows Media Player MP3 is still the largest contender in the audio industry; the most likely reason for converting from WMA to MP3 is to have your music easily playable in another device, and possibly because that device does not support the WMA format. Regardless of the reasons – whether for playback, editing, or whatever the case may be, the process is not very difficult and all you need is the right tools.


• PC or laptop
• Conversion software
• Internet connection


1. Locate the desired WMA files on your PC or laptop that you would like to convert.
2. Create a new folder on your desktop or in another easily accessible place and copy the desired files to this new location.
3. Go online and download or purchase a conversion application; popular choices include Format Factory, Media Coder, NCH Switch and dBPoweramp.
4. Install the program of your choice after the download has completed and then start the program.
5. Set the conversion option of the program to the format you desire where applicable.
6. Drag the WMA files from your newly created folder into the program; if the program supports it you can drag the folder and it will automatically add all the files.
7. Once all files are added hit the button to perform the conversion operation; once completed your files will be converted.
8. Open the output folder from within the program or find it manually and use the MP3 files in whichever way you desire.


Do not delete your original WMA files unless this was your original intention.
Delete the folder you created once you’ve confirmed that the files are properly converted.
In order to preserve audio quality, don’t use a bitrate lower than 96kbps; to keep the file from being larger than necessary, don’t set the bitrate above 320kbps, even if you exceed this, there will be no noticeable difference in the quality.