How to Convert Wma to Mp4

Windows Media Audio (WMA) is an audio compression format that was developed by Microsoft to be a part of the Windows Media framework; the term is sometimes also used to refer to the audio codecs associated with the format. WMA was created to compete with the very popular MP3 and RealAudio formats and comes in both lossless and lossy variations; what this means is that the lossless variation, which is called WMA Lossless can be compressed without losing any of the original file’s fidelity while the lossy version does lose some of its original quality but the bits that are lost are not likely to be picked up by the human ear. There is also a WMA Voice variation which is intended for use with voice content and uses low bit rates for compression.

MPEG-4 Part 14 or MP4 for short is a container format that holds both digital audio and video, particularly for MPEG files; it was created by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and can additionally contain subtitles and still images and allows internet streaming. It may not be practical to convert WMA to MP4 since WMA is only audio and so when converted to MP4 you will hear the audio but the screen will be blank as there is no video included with it. However if for some reason you choose to convert your WMA files to MP4s, here are the tools you will need and the steps you should take.


• PC or laptop
• Conversion software


1. Create a new folder in an easily accessible place such as the desktop
2. Copy all WMA files that you would like to convert to this location
3. Search for and download MP4 creation tools. Free solutions available online include YAMB.
4. Due to legal restrictions with some programs using WMA files may be restricted. If this is so with your downloaded MP4 conversion solution then download an audio converter such as Format Factory. If the program you chose for MP4 creation is not restricted from working with WMA files then do not download any other program and drag the WMA file or files into the program then skip to step 7
5. Drag your WMA files into Format Factory or whichever conversion software you chose and convert the WMA files to another format such as MP3.
6. Open the output folder and drag the MP3 files into the MP4 creation tool such as YAMB and then proceed with the prompts to create the MP4 file.
7. After the MP4 file is created you may repeat the process as needed for each WMA file.


Do not use protected WMA files when performing the operation. Protected WMA files may not work and will need to either have the Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection removed or the file converted to another format before it can be used.
Don’t delete the original WMA file until you are sure the converted file works properly.