How to Convert Zune Files to Mp3

The Zune media player is a portable device from Microsoft that is capable of playing many different file formats. In general files will be stored in WMA (Windows Media Audio) format because this file type is indigenous to Microsoft based systems. Yet, other file formats are used on the player. If you would like to convert those files on your Zune to MP3 files this can easily be done by converting them using Windows Media Player on your Windows O/S .

Required Tools

USB Cable
Working Computer
Zune Media Player
Windows Media Player
Windows Explorer

Required Materials

Zune Files


Converting Zune Files using Windows Media Player

1. To begin connect your Zune to the computer via the USB cable made specifically for the Zune. Ensure both ends are securely in place.
2. Go to the Start Menu option and select open Windows Explorer. Alternatively you may open Windows Explorer from the desktop if you have saved an icon for the browser there, double click the icon to open it.
3. Enter the Zune from the browser and select the Zune files you would like to convert. These may either be in MPEG 4 format, AAC, MP3, or WMA. For this example it is assumed that they are WMA files.
4. Highlight all the files and select the Open With option. This will automatically open the files in the program that you would like to use to perform the conversion.
5. Select Windows Media Player from the list of options presented to you.
6. Once in Windows Media Player select the Now Playing option then choose the More Options tab and then finally the Rip Music tab.
7. To determine where the file will be save select Change and enter a new location for your soon to be converted Zune files.
8. You may also change the file name if you so desire by selecting the File Name tab, which will give you the option to enter a new name for your new MP3s.
9. Specify the type of conversion you would like to perform by going to the Format option and selecting MP3 from the drop down box.
10. Press OK to start conversion. The time taken to convert the files will depend on the size of each file, the speed of your computer and the number of files you have chosen to convert. A small indicator will appear on each MP3 displaying what percentage of the file has been converted. Once done the indicator will display complete on each file.

Tips and Warning

• Leave the Zune plugged into the computer for the duration of the conversion process, especially if you intend to upload the newly converted MP3s to your Zune.

• Always check to see that the files are playable in another media player. Also be sure to listen out for any imperfections that may have occurred during the conversion process.

• Do not turn off your computer while the files are being converted. This will lead to incomplete conversions and other PC related issues.

• If your computer is very slow, do not run any other programs while Windows Media Player is converting the files to MP3.