How to Cook Pork Butt

Pork butt, also called Boston Butt or pork shoulder Boston, is a rectangular piece of roast. It is the cut most appropriate for making pulled pork barbecue due to its good marbling. Marbling refers to the effect in meat that comes from the combination of white fat and pink meat. The fat maintains the moisture of the meat while cooking. It is available in bone-in or boneless cut.

Here is a simple recipe to prepare pork butt barbecue. The ingredients are 7-10 lbs. of Boston Pork Butt, 4 tbsp. cracked pepper, 1 cup Kosher or sea salt, 4 tbsp. dried rosemary, 6 tbsp. chili powder, 6 tbsp. brown sugar, and barbecue sauce. You can use your own recipe for barbecue sauce or buy one that is commercially available.

The equipment you need are a roasting pan, tin foil, an oven, a charcoal or gas range, and a meat thermometer.


How to Cook Barbecued Pork Butt


  1. Prepare the rub mix consisting of pepper, kosher salt, rosemary, chili powder, and brown sugar. Set it aside.
  2. Using a knife, make shallow slices (also called scores) on the layer of fat on top of the pork butt.
  3. Get a handful of rub mix and cover the entire surface with it, making sure that the mixture seeps into the slice marks.
  4. Pre-heat your oven to 225 – 250 degrees.
  5. Put your pork butt in a roasting pan and set it in the oven. Let the pork butt cook for 9-10 minutes while maintaining the temperature.
  6. While cooking, add just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. This will serve as the base of your sauce.
  7. Watch as the skin cracks and the butt develops a rich dark crust.
  8. After it has formed its crust, take it out and lightly cover the top of the butt with aluminum foil.
  9. Continue cooking at 195 degrees. By then, the butt will be rich brown and pliable. Test if it is cooked by pulling a fork against the grain of the butt. If it easily gets cut into thin strips, it is cooked.
  10. Remove the pan from the oven and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then remove the butt from the pan. Remove the foil covering.
  11. Transfer the pan onto a stove top. Heat the drippings on the pan and allow it to simmer until it is reduced. Put in your barbecue sauce and stir. Add seasoning to taste.
  12. When the butt cools, shred all the meat with a fork. Pour the sauce over it and serve it with bread, coleslaw, and cool drinks.