How to Cook Ribs

The first step in cooking ribs is to know the specific type you want to cook. Ribs can be pork or beef and their styles include baby back, short ribs, St. Louis-Style, or spareribs. The exact cooking procedure will depend on the type.

Next, season the ribs. You can find a lot of spice rubs for ribs in grocery stores.

Spread a thin coating of mustard on the ribs. If you would like your ribs to have a sweet flavor, you can try honey mustard.

Sprinkle a generous amount of seasoning on the ribs and rub it well on the meat.

After seasoning, cook the ribs slowly by using low heat. You can cook your ribs through a number of ways.

If you are using a crockpot, cut the ribs into small pieces and cook them at low heat for 9 to 10 hours. If you are using an oven, place the ribs in a roasting pan and cover with foil and bake them for 6 to 8 hours at 225 degrees. If you are using an electric roaster, cut ribs accordingly, then roast the ribs for 6 to 8 hours at 200 degrees. Last, if you are using a grill, set the lowest amount of heat and cook the meat for 8 hours.

Once the meat has been cooked, give it a few minutes to cool down. Then, you have to do the second half of the cooking process.

Pre-heat your grill to medium. Place the ribs on the grill and cook it for 5 to 6 minutes on each side.

Brush the barbecue sauce of your choice onto the meat. Cook each side for another 5 minutes. Serve after a few minutes.