How to Cook Trout

The first step in cooking trout is to cut it properly. Cut the trout’s head off and gut it.

Turn the trout upside down such that its stomach is facing up. Turn your knife upside down also, letting the blade face up.

With your knife, cut through the trout’s flesh by following its backbone then slowly sliding it towards the base of the rib cage. Cut through the outer part of the rib cage.

Do not cut through the skin. Cut along the fish’s whole lateral up to the tail.

Perform the same steps on the other side of the fish. The two sides of the meat should lie flat. The rib cage should also be in the middle and clear of meat.

To debone the trout, you need to cut smoothly through its flesh and slide your knife along the trout’s middle fish bones.

Using your fingers, feel the rows of bones you have previously cut. Remove these bones by cutting along the bones on both of its sides. Again, avoid cutting through the skin.

Next, take a sheet of aluminum foil. Make sure it is heavy duty enough to cook the trout in. Spread enough butter in an area of the foil that should be as large as the fish you are cooking. Add lemon juice to the butter. Then, sprinkle some seasoning such as salt and pepper on the butter.

Place the fish with its skin down on the mixture in the middle of the foil. Be careful not to spill the mixture.

Then, you can add stuffing to the trout. You can use stuffing used for chicken or turkey. Put a dash of salt and pepper on the fish and cover it with the stuffing. You can also use sun-dried tomatoes and a salad dressing instead of stuffing.

Fold the fish’s other half so that it covers the stuffing. Wrap the fish with the tin foil. The foil should be air and moisture tight.

Place the fish on the grill. Avoid putting it too close to the fire. The length of time to cook the trout depends on its size. A 5-pound trout would take around 50 minutes to cook. Flip the trout over every 10 minutes.

When the fish is cooked, let it cool for about 10 minutes. Then, take off the tin foil and remove the fins before serving.