How to Cook Venison Sausage

The first step in cooking venison sausage is preparing and forming them. The ingredients you will need for this dish are 10 lbs of ground venison, 5 lbs ground pork, 4 tbsp mustard powder, 15 tbsp salt (tender quick one), 7 ½ tsp salt with garlic flavor, 3 tbsp smoke salt (hickory), and sausage casings.

Put the ground venison and the ground pork together in a large bowl and mix them well. Combine the seasonings and add the mixture to the bowl. Add pepper to the seasonings if you want your venison sausages to be spicy.

Place the ground meat in a container with a lid and refrigerate the mixture for one day. Repeat the previous steps two times.

Stuff an appropriate amount of the mixture into the sausage casings. Be careful not to put too much as this would cause the sausage’s casing to burst.

To bake the venison sausages, place them on an oven rack. Put the rack in a preheated oven.

Let the sausages cook for 8 hours at 140 degrees. Do not put too many sausages in the rack. You can shorten the cooking time by baking the sausages for 4 hours at 280 degrees. Give the sausages 5 minutes to cool before serving.

Aside from baking, you can also fry the sausages. Heat oil in your frying pan or wok and place the venison sausages in the pan. Fry them slowly using medium heat, occasionally turning the sausages.

Continue frying until the liquid in the pan has evaporated. Once cooked, place the sausages on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil. This dish is best served while hot.