How to Crochet

Here are the basic steps to learn how to crochet.

Holding the Crochet Hook

Grasp the hook between the forefinger and thumb of your dominant hand. Make sure that the hook is directed to your thumbnail. This hold will become stronger and more comfortable as you become at ease.

Holding the Yarn

Exerting a smooth pressure on the yarn is important to make constant stitches in crocheting. This is particularly necessary if you are working on size-specific patterns such as clothes. Hold the working loop between the middle finger and thumb of your right hand. Loop the yarn over the index finger and fasten the yarn through other fingers to provide tension.

Beginning Loop

A beginning stitch is done through a slip knot. Place the hook through the operational loop in the opposite direction that you will work on. Wind the yarn over and pull it through the loop. Some would prefer manually tying the knot by hand. Insert the hook to start running another stitch.

Yarn Over

This simply means entwining the yarn over the hook from front to rear. The hook catches the yarn in such a way that it can drag through the loop.

Chain Stitch

This stitch is the most basic. Chain stitches are used to form the base rings and rows. To make a stitch, just yarn over and pull through the loop. Continue doing this until you achieve identical loops.

Making a Ring

This is done by attaching one end of the desired number of stitches to another. Create the preferred number of chain stitches. Afterwhich, glide the hook through the beginning stitch. Twist the yarn over the hook from front to back and draw through the loops on the hook. A ring is a way of beginning blocks like Granny squares. This can also be done as an embellishment.

Single Crochet

Gather the back and front loops from the desired stitch. Yarn over and pull through the loop.

Double Crochet

Yarn over and lift the front loop of the intended stitch. Yarn over and draw the first of the three loops on the hook. Repeat the same steps through the 2 residual loops on the hook.

Tying Off

Make an additional chain stitch. Trim the tip and pull it wholly through the loop. Tightly pull on the end and create a knot.

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