How to Cut Bangs

If you decide on having a new hairstyle, you can sport hair with bangs. You can even cut your own bangs.
The materials that you need for cutting bangs are:

  • A pair of sharp top-quality scissors designed to cut hair,
  • a new disposable single-blade razor,
  • a styling comb, and
  • a mirror

Steps to Cut your Bangs

  1. Always cut your bangs when your hair is dry. Remember that this part of your hair shrinks as it dries. If you cut your hair wet, it might look very short after drying.
  2. Part your hair the way that you want it. With a comb, separate the hair that you don’t want to cut. Secure this with a ponytail, bobby pins, or both. Only the bangs should hang loose for cutting.
  3. Use a fine-toothed comb to divide your bangs into two. Take one part and comb your bangs downwards, with the teeth of the comb facing out. This is done to estimate where your hair falls when the bangs are done. Do not cut your bangs higher than where your comb touches your face when you rest it by your brow bone.
  4. Start cutting the hair at a diagonal angle (45-degrees work best) if you don’t have shaggy bangs. Work carefully and slowly. Remember, you can never cut your bangs while keeping a straight line. So don’t cut your bangs across.
  5. Avoid using scissors, no matter how sharp they are, if you sport face-framing bangs. Use a new single-blade razor instead. Pull bangs stiff using two of your longest fingers. Glide fingers down to the end of the section and then use the razor to cut the hair above your fingers. Do the same process to the other half of your bangs.
  6. If you want to have layers, hold a segment of your bangs between your middle and index fingers and pull your hair upward over your head. Let the hair fall while you glide your hand upward, until you reach the ends. Constantly check with the mirror and make sure that the lengths are even.
  7. If you are going to use the blower to dry your hair, apply styling gel to your bangs before you dry it.