How to Cut Glass

Glass cutting is a lot like cutting paper with a knife. All you need is a straight edge and a special tool specifically made for cutting glass. Glass cutting tools can be found in any major hardware store.

Since glass is very fragile, the width of the pieces that you cut should never be below six inches. Any thinner than 6 inches will be almost impossible to cut properly without breaking into pieces.

Learning how to cut glass properly takes some time and patience. You must first practice cutting on pieces of scrap glass.

This method does not apply to glass sheets exceeding 24 inches in diameter. Again, practice on glass scraps first before moving on to the real thing.


Materials and Tools


  • glass cutter
  • scrap glass (to practice on)
  • cutting oil or kerosene
  • straight edge ruler
  • safety equipment (goggles, gloves)
  • sandpaper or grindstone




Step 1. With your finger, rub the area you are going to cut to remove some dirt that may interfere with your cutting.

Step 2. Place the straight ruler parallel to the area that you are going to cut.

Step 3. Soak the glass cutter in some oil or kerosene to ensure smooth cutting.

Hold your glass cutter as you would with a cutting knife. Align with the straight edge and press gently over the glass.

Maintain constant pressure and slide along the straight edge. If your cutting starts to feel rough, like the glass is going to snap, it means you have to apply less pressure. The entire process should be smooth and silent.

Do not repeat or do over your cuts. This will damage your glass cutter.

Step 4. After you have made the cut, hold the glass sheet with your hands and break gently as you would with a cookie.




  • If you are planning on doing some curved edges, just run your glass cutter along the glass as you would with a pencil. Tap lightly on the glass to remove.
  • Watch out for tiny bits of glass. They may interfere with your cutting and are sharp enough to get lodged into your skin.
  • You can use sandpaper or a grindstone to smoothen out those rough edges.