How to Cut a Mango

Mangoes are widely known for their soft, sweet and juicy flesh. They are tropical fruits that come in a variety of colors. The color depends on the country where it was cultivated.

The way of cutting a mango depends on whether it is ripe on unripe. Ripe mangoes are sweet and soft; and are red, yellow, or orange in color. Unripe mangoes are sour and hard; and are green in color. Ripe mangoes are usually sliced and eaten with a spoon while in some countries, unripe green mangoes are peeled, sliced, and eaten with salt or shrimp paste.

To cut a ripe mango, you will need a cutting knife and a chopping board.

Step 1. Wash your mangoes first to remove the dirt from their skins.

Step 2. Squeeze the mango gently until you feel the hard part in the middle; which is the mango’s large, flat seed. Then cut along the mango’s center, separating the fleshy sides from the seed.

Step 3. Take each slice and cut the flesh in a grid-like pattern.

Step 4. Hold a slice with two hands, and gently flip over as you would with a book. The flesh should be exposed in cubes, protruding like the spines of a hedgehog. Arrange each slice on a plate and serve as is.




  • Don’t throw away the seed. The flesh on it is a little bit on the stringy side, but can still be enjoyable.
  • Mango flesh can be very slippery so be extra careful when cutting it. Also, try not to get mango juice all over your clothes as it is quite hard to get rid of.

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