How to Cut a Pineapple

A pineapple is a very popular tropical fruit that can be used in a variety of dishes such as cakes and desserts. It is also eaten fresh when peeled and cut properly. It can be very tricky to prepare if you don’t know what you are doing. Its skin is harder than most fruits so you have to peel it with a knife instead of a fruit peeler.

When choosing a pineapple, always look for vibrant green leaves and a golden skin color. To ensure that it is ripe, the skin itself should smell like a pineapple. Make sure you wash the pineapple first before cutting it.

You need a cutting knife, a chopping board, and a potato peeler to cut the pineapple.


Steps in Cutting a Pineapple


Step 1. Take your pineapple and lay it down the chopping board, holding it firmly.

Step 2. Cut off the stalk carefully with your cutting knife.

Step 3. Cut off the top and bottom parts of the pineapple.

Step 4. Hold the pineapple upright and cut off each side until all the skin is off.

Step 5. Scoop the “eyes” from the flesh of the pineapple using the cutting knife or a peeler.

Step 6. Lay the pineapple down again and slice it into discs. The thickness is up to your preference.

Step 7. Take your pineapple slices and carefully cut off the round, hard center. You may also serve the pineapple chopped into bite sized cubes or wedges. Arrange the pineapple pieces on a dinner plate and serve them chilled.