How to Cut Your Own Hair

To get the perfect haircut, there are three things to keep in mind:

  1. The shape of your face. This is especially crucial if you plan to have bangs. Look at good haircuts in the Internet or in magazines. Note the shape of the faces of models wearing them. Find one with a face shape similar to yours to get ideas of the hair cut that fits you.
  2. The amount of time you need to keep your hair in place every day. When you sleep, your hair becomes messy. Sport a low-maintenance cut especially if you do not have much time and energy to blow-dry each morning.
  3. Updating the cut. How often do you have to cut your hair to make it look as it did the first time you cut it? Choose a haircut that may not be the best-looking haircut, but rather the most convenient to maintain.


Guidelines for Cutting Your Own Hair


  • If you are cutting your own hair, it is safe to make the cut as simple as it can be. This is important especially if it’s your first time to cut your own hair. If you want more sophisticated cuts, you can just go to the salon.
  • It is always easier to cut wet and freshly shampooed hair because it is more “behaved.” Keep a spray bottle of water nearby so you can dampen your hair if it starts to dry out while you are still in the process.
  • Use sharp scissors designed to cut hair. Trim a little at a time. Remember, it is safer to just snip in small quantities so you will not over-cut.
  • Divide your hair into sections. When you’re already cutting your hair, be very careful and note its length from all sides. It’s hard to concentrate on multiple mirrors so it is advisable to have another person nearby.

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