Underarm Stains

Here are some ways and leading products that can help remove underarm stains on your shirt:




Wipe the whole concerned area with white vinegar. Soak the shirt with denatured alcohol (do not mistake it with rubbing alcohol). Then, wash the cloth with detergent using the hottest water safe for the fabric. Do not try this to dry-clean clothes.


Clorox Bleach Pen


You can bleach stained spots on clothing without having the entire shirt bleached. A part of the product has an end tip for precise bleaching of areas on fabric. You can use the other end of the pen to scrub and brush the area after bleaching.


OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover


Pour water into a basin just enough to cover the shirt. Add one or two scoops of the product. Allow the shirt to soak for a day or two then wash the cloth. This product claims to remove the toughest stains quickly.


Zout Stain Remover


This comes in a spray, liquid, and Ox Foam varieties. It knocks off tough stains without you exerting a lot of effort.


Spray and Wash Stain Stick


This is a pre-treatment in dealing with stains. This is convenient for many, especially for busy families, since it allows them to treat stains for now and wash the stained cloth days later.


Spray and Wash Dual Power Laundry Stain Remover


This features the power of a pre-treatment and an enzyme cleaner. As a pre-treatment, it wipes out stains. An enzyme cleaner increases that ability to remove stains. This effervescent stain remover knocks down tough stains easily.


Tide Stain Brush


This is a battery operated stain remover brush. It rubs its liquid product into stains, enabling them to be pre-treated so that they are removed easily.


Shout Gel


This features an incorporated fabric brush. Used along with its stain removal gel, this brush claims to be a powerful stain remover. It is efficient even in cold water washes and rinses.

It is a lot easier to prevent having underarm stains than removing them. It is advised that you only use deodorant instead of antiperspirant as the latter’s chemicals combine with sweat and other factors to produce stains. Be sure that you’re underarm is dry after applying roll-ons before putting on your clothes.