How to Deal with Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Checks

This happens when there is a problem in the mathematical process being completed by the computer. Your PC will check if the data being transferred is corrupted or damaged.

You will most likely encounter this error when you are trying to read or copy data from a CD or a DVD that has been damaged. Even before you see the message appearing on your screen, you can hear a whirring noise coming from your CD drive. It will sound like something is grinding against your CD or your CD is whirling so fast that your computer cannot seem to keep up. This is because your drive is attempting to read the contents of the CD more frequently than usual. If it fails to read for a number of times, you will get the Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check message on your screen.

This can also happen when you are trying to access a corrupted file from the Internet. Perhaps you did not download the file properly or it may have a lot of bugs attached to it.

How can this error be resolved?

This error message can be prevented through several steps. When you see this error while trying to read a CD or a DVD, the first thing that you have to do is to eject and clean the disk. You may also want to take a look at your disk drive for loose cable connections or a faulty reader. If you are trying to read data that you downloaded, trace the download process and find out if you were able to download it properly. If not, then you can just download it again. You can also try different download managers. This will help you keep the consistency of the file and avoid having to deal with the same problem after you troubleshoot it.

If it persists, you may need to reinstall your device driver. A faulty device driver will not function the way it should once it gets tampered with. This means that you might have a clean CD but your CD drive refuses to read it.