How To Do Card Tricks

Performing card tricks on the street is not an easy job. With a deck of cards, you have to master the different grips and sleights to maximize the effect of the trick. You will have to be dynamic as certain parts of the tricks will require you to tell stories.


The Grip


The first thing that you need to master is the way you should grip the cards. There are two grips to choose from: the mechanic’s grip and the biddle grip.

For the mechanic’s grip, hold the deck of cards face down with your palm facing up. Your index finger should be on the side facing away from you. Your middle, ring, and pinky should be on the left side of the deck. Lastly, your thumb should be on the right side of the deck. Take note that this grip allows you to hide most of the deck while allowing you easier access to different sleights that you might want to employ.

The biddle grip will let you hold the deck and allow you to hide certain sleights while giving the spectator a view of the deck and convince him that nothing is amiss. To do this, however, you need to hold the deck in the mechanic’s grip. Then take your left hand and put it over the deck. Your thumb should be on the side facing you while your middle, ring, and pinky should be on the side facing away from you. This means that your thumb will be on the bottom side while your other three fingers will be on the top side. Your index finger should be curled on the back of the deck to support the grip.


The Double Lift


With the grips done, it’s time for the basic sleight: the double lift.

The double lift is done by first separating the top two cards of the deck from the rest of the pack. You can do this by using your pinky to break the space. Widen the gap and slowly pull the two cards out and at the same time making it appear that the audience is looking at the first card of the pack, when in fact they are actually seeing the second card.

You can also try the double lift by trying out the two-card monte but this will entail another article.

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