How to Draw a Manga Character

Develop your own manga character by deciding on some traits like the background, story setting, gender, face, body type, hair, accessories, and other characteristics relevant to the character.

The materials you need are a paper, pencil, ink and color (if you want to color your manga).

Here are some instructions in drawing your manga character:




Draw the head by starting with the upper half. It should appear like the half of an oval. Then sketch the lower half of the face. If the character is a male, draw a broader face with a square chin. If you’re drawing a female character, draw a more slender face and a more pointed chin.




Draw a set of big, circular-shaped, and even eyes. Emphasize the pupils of the character’s eyes as this shows most of the personality of the character.




To draw the nose, just make a small right angle at the center of the face. Darken the inside of the angle to develop the nostril. Tilt the line up or down for more complex emotions.




Draw hair depending on the personality projected. If the character is a fun loving girl, she might have long curly hair. A tough guy might have hair sticking out, or slicked back. Athletic characters have shorter hair. Start drawing the hair at the shoulder or neck. A female’s shoulders are smaller and her neck may be longer. For males, emphasize masculinity by having big shoulders  and a long neck.




Imagine the torso of your character and draw it depending on the gender and age. A female has a torso shaped like a milk glass while a male character has a square shaped torso. A young child will not have the curved shape of an adult female body, nor the muscular upper body of an adult male.


Hands and Arms


The hands and arms convey the action of the character. Is your character walking, running, or standing? Are the character’s arms flexed? Extended? Or simply placed by their side? Decide and then draw.




Draw a triangle under the torso and erase its bottom. Then, project lines from the remaining sides of the triangle to form your manga’s legs.




Lastly, draw ovals for the feet.

Your next step is to review your manga then start outlining the character in ink or color.

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