How to Draw a Dragon

To draw a dragon, you need the following:

  • image or picture of the dragon you wish to draw
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • paper
  • coloring materials

First, you need to make an outline.

All drawings should start from an outline to give a person a guide or basic reference point of what to draw.




For the outline of the dragon’s head, you just have to draw two circles forming the number 8 in a diagonal or V-shape position. The upper circles will represent the dragon’s eyes while the lower circles will represent the snout or nose of the dragon.




Draw two S shapes on both sides of the circle. You have the choice as to how thick or thin the neck of your dragon will be.




From the neck, draw another big circle. This time, make it big enough to create the body of your dragon.




Draw a long tail that has an arrow shape at its end.


Front Claws and Feet


Draw the back feet of your dragon by making a horizontal oval shape perpendicular to the spot where the tail and the dragon’s body connect. Draw the claws at the bottom part of the oval.




Draw the wings on the upper part of your dragon’s body. You will have the choice as to how big or small the wings of your dragon will be.


Going Into Details


After you have made the outline, it’s now time to go into details. Draw a big number 8 shape to represent the shape of the dragon’s head. You can make the eyes of the dragon look angry and fierce or you can make them look cute. It all depends on the shapes and strokes that you create.

The most used details for the tail, body, and neck of the dragon are the scales. Big or small, rough or smooth-looking, scales are almost always present in dragon drawings. You can also add some horns and weird, pointed-looking scales on your dragon’s body.

For the wings of the dragon, you can draw spikes and scales. Additional bony protrusions can also be added in the wings and other parts of the dragon’s body to make it more realistic.

After drawing your dragon in pencil, it is time to color it with your colored pencils or crayons.

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