How to Draw Flames

Drawing is an enjoyable and profitable hobby that anyone can easily learn. This interesting type of visual art helps people express their feelings by drafting attractive images and figures. Amateurs can show their drawing skills by illustrating images that have basic and simple shapes and lines such as flames. To avoid experiencing hassles and delays in the activity, it is best that artists get all the needed materials like crayons, a pencil, a paper and an eraser beforehand. It is also beneficial to follow the simple steps below to learn how to draw flames.


The Outline

Start the project with providing an outline for the drawing. To know how to draw flames, it is best to begin with determining the final appearance of the figure. For instance, some illustrations are made up of several curved lines, while others are composed of numerous teardrop shapes. Individuals who are new to drawing flames can begin with making S-shaped flames since these are easy to draft. Afterwards, start making an outline for the drawing. Flames are usually composed of curved lines, S shapes, inverted S shapes and diagonal lines.

To provide a nice outline for the illustration, remember to connect all the lines and do not allot spaces between the figures. After drafting the outline for the image, make a horizontal line that connects the bottom portions of the lines at the outer left and outer right part of the drawing.

Making the Details

After drafting the outline, the next step is to provide the details of the illustration. Identify the kinds of lines and shapes that will make the core and inner portion of the flames. Imagination is essential in this part of the activity. The inner portion of the flames can be consisted of small flames. As soon as the details were completed, use a clean eraser to eliminate unnecessary shapes and lines.

Finishing Touches

To finish and to make the flames look realistic, get crayons and color the drawing. Use different colors for the inside and outside portions of the drawing. Some artists use red and orange to shade and color the outside portion of the illustration, while they use yellow to color the inner portion of the drawing. To make the image more attractive, color the core of the figure with blue.

Tips and Warnings

Learning how to draw flames is easy if drafters are committed and are willing to allot enough time. Amateurs can use pictures as well as photographs of flames to have references for the draft. It is also necessary to use a clean paper as a medium to emphasize the flames. Above all, do not hesitate to ask help from professionals if there are questions and problems with the drawing.