How to Eat Guava

Guava is one of the most exotic and refreshing fruits you can eat. This fruit has many variations and each one has a distinct flavor. Guava’s colors range from green, to yellow, to dark purple.

Eating a guava is very easy. First, you need to pick one that is ripe. Hold it in your hand. Gently squeeze it and see if it gives. If the guava does, it is perfect for eating. Rinse the guava with tap water. Try to get all the dirt from its skin.

Take a sharp knife and cut the guava in half. Remove the sweet insides which you can eat directly or mix with other sweets. The seeds of the guava as well as its skin are edible. If you don’t want to cut the guava and it is relatively small, you can just bite it and enjoy its taste.

One good characteristic of guava is that you can eat every part. The skin is rich in vitamins, and the outer flesh of the guava can be compared to that of the pear. The center consisting of small seeds and tender sweet flesh is the favorite of most guava eaters.

You can further enjoy the guava fruit by adding it to fruit salads. You can also use guava as an appetizer. Do this by making small slices of guava and dipping them in honey or melted cream cheese. In addition, you can make guava juice by placing several guavas in a blender and adding sweeteners of your choice.