How to Find Last Minute Vacation Bargains

It’s never too late to plan a great vacation. If you’re pressed for time there are still simple and easy ways to arrange a fun solo, group or family vacation. Follow this guide and take note of these tips to make the best of your last minute travel arrangements.

What you’ll need

Get online and gather information, there are tonnes of creditable sites geared towards helping travellers to snatch bargains at the last minute. Below are a few valuable sources

  • American Express Travel
  • Last-minute weekend getaway packages on American Airlines
  • Site59

Think outside of air travel

  1. Consider plans that don’t necessarily include airfare.
  2. There are great last minute deals particularly on cruise lines. If you live in or near a port city, a cruise is a great option.
  3. Once you pay the fee for a cruise everything is included. Entertainment, lodgement, travel between ports and all meals are included in one price on cruises.
  4. Cruises are also available in themes i.e. family friendly cruises as well as there are cruises targeted at singles and couples.
  5. National parks are a great and inexpensive way to get back to nature. It can be as affordable as pitching a tent or as upscale as a luxury cottage. If it is within driving distance, turn it into a road trip and sight see along the way.

Shop for bargains by theme

  1. If you want to take a last minute trip that involves an airline, shop by theme rather than destination.
  2. Instead of looking for bargain flights to Cancun, shop around for flights to “beach destinations” instead. This way you’ll see all the options available to you in different beach destination.

Travel to off season destinations

  1. Great bargains are always available to destinations during their off season.
  2. Airlines offer incentives to get you to these places and lodgements in these destinations offer special packages, discounts and bargains to entice visitors.
  3. Also it is a great option to travel on weekdays instead of weekends. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are said to be the slowest days for airlines and so these days offer the cheapest fares.

Keeping a budget

  1. For families especially, travelling on a budget is ideal.
  2. The best options for budget travelling are all inclusive resorts and cruises. At all inclusive resorts and cruises, the initial payment covers everything from daily meals to nightly entertainment. At the end of the trip you would have not incurred more than your budget offerings.

Tips and Warnings

  • The key to finding great bargains is in maintaining flexibility. The more flexible you are the more travel bargains you will find to fit your needs.
  • Fly with a budget carrier instead of a major airline. These offer reduced prices for popular flight destinations.
  • Deals go fast, so if its right for you take it.
  • Subscribe to free travel deal e-mails like that offered on airline and travel websites. An e-mail is sent periodically informing subscribers of exclusive bargains.
  • Shop around for vacation packages that include everything from airport pickup to all inclusive lodgement and rental car.