How to Get a Book Published

To get a book published, you have to learn as much as you can about publishing. Conduct interviews with publishing companies. You may even choose to do volunteer work in a publishing company. Your success rate would increase as you become more and more aware of how the system of publishing works.

  1. Do market research. Find out how books within the genre you are focused on are doing in the market. By doing so, you would know your audience and what they want..
  2. Write the book. Here you will learn more about the subject you have chosen. Do not rush this process. Try to entertain the possibility that you would encounter an unexpected direction. Do not worry too much about whether it is good enough.
  3. Rewrite your work. Try to spend a few days away from your work then read it again. Look for parts which you would like to correct or modify. Find a trusted friend who would comment on your work. Give special attention to the first few pages of your manuscript. These pages are the ones that could capture the editor’s attention, or could dissuade him from reading the entire book.
  4. Find a publisher. You may have an idea where to go to after doing your market research. Aside from these prospective publishers, you should try to find more publishing companies.
  5. Write a query letter. This letter should be short and should contain your intention to have your book read by the publisher.
  6. If the publisher responds positively to your letter, you can then submit your manuscript to the company. Attach a brief cover letter at the beginning of the manuscript. In this letter, you should state why the publisher is right for your work. Remember to put page numbers in each page.
  7. Make follow-ups. Wait for around three to four months and call the publisher and kindly ask for a progress report on the possible approval of your manuscript.