How to Myspace at School

When you have finished all your schoolwork and you have some free time before the next class, you may want to visit your MySpace page through your school’s computer. However, your school may have blocked the MySpace website and other similar social networking sites. It is good to know that through certain procedures, you can still visit MySpace and view your page.

Ways to Myspace at School

  1. Use a proxy service

    A common way to access blocked websites is to use a proxy service. This allows you to visit a specific site such as MySpace without being detected by your school’s firewall. Upon using a proxy service, you would be able to open MySpace while the firewall can see that you are only accessing the proxy site. You need to have information about many proxy services. This is because when your school finds out about a certain proxy service, it would block that particular proxy.

  2. Change the prefix of the site name

    Changing the prefix of MySpace’s site name is another way to access the said at school. For instance, instead of entering on the address bar of the browser, you can type Since the latter website address is not listed in the school’s blocked sites, this could take you to MySpace. Apart from the “invite” prefix, you can also try home, mail, blog, and search.

  3. Load through Google

    Loading the cached version of MySpace through Google is another way to open MySpace while you are at school. This technique came from the idea that cached versions of sites are free from filters. Do this by going to Google, entering MySpace in the Google edit field, and going to on the first result link. Click on cached instead of the site’s URL.