How to Grow Mushrooms

There are many ways of growing mushrooms. You also choose to purchase a kit to help you grow your mushrooms quickly. Also included in this article are tips in producing log-growing mushrooms.

Both methods of growing mushrooms will be covered in this article.

Choosing a Site

Mushrooms love to grow in damp and moist spots; hence, they are fairly easy to grow.

Growing Mushrooms

Using a Log

If you want to learn how to grow mushrooms on a log, the process is relatively simple. The first thing that you need is a large rice cake. This can be purchased from a local greenhouse or garden center that sells vegetable growing supplies. The rice cake is essentially what the mushrooms will grow on. It is very essential that the cake be prepared correctly by giving it the correct amount of moisture and light.

Some mushroom growers prefer to make their own log. This is not difficult at all. All you need is some straw. Take the straw, shred it, and boil it so that it is well fertilized. Once the straw is completely ‘cooked’, mix the mushroom spawn with the prepared substrate. After mixing the spawn with the straw, pack it tightly and wrap it in plastic.

This is what the mushrooms will grow out of. It effectively resembles a “log”; hence the term “log-growing.”

Make small holes in the plastic for ventilation. As soon as you see a white substance growing, water the log moderately and leave it in a cool place. Mushrooms should sprout in the following week. That is when you will be able to harvest and eat them.

Using a Kit

If you are using a kit from a local vendor, all you have to do is vary the temperature and storage place for the kit. The kit should be initially placed in a warm and dry place until the mushrooms start to sprout. After that, the kit should be moved to a cooler place.

Apart from being very satisfying to the grower, mushrooms are easy to grow no matter which process you choose!