How to Grow Potatoes

Choosing the Potato Plants

Many growers choose to go to local greenhouses to pick out small seed potatoes. This is the best choice. However, others think that small potatoes from the local grocery store are good enough. It is strongly recommended that you use potatoes from the greenhouse.

Starting the Crop

There are several ways that you can grow your potato crops. Two of them are the row method and the mound method. The row method can be used if you want to continue growing potato plants successfully year after year, while the mound method can be used if you simply need a batch of potatoes immediately but don’t have much space to grow them in.

Row Method

If you choose to grow your potatoes using the row method, dig a trench and space the seeds approximately 40 centimeters apart.

Even though potato crops are sometimes grown early in the season, do not plant until late April or early May. The ground will be warm enough by this time for you to be able to grow them well. Planting them in rows will ensure well-grown and healthy potatoes.

Mound Method

In case you choose the mound method to grow potatoes, you will need only a small growing patch in your garden. Cultivate and loosen an area about one meter in diameter.

Each mound can grow five to eight crops satisfactorily. Place the mound potato plants evenly spaced apart in a circle to allow enough room for each of the plants.

Sunlight and Watering Needs

Whatever method you choose to grow your potatoes, be sure that they have enough sunlight and water each day during their growing period.

Water the potato plants in the morning to give enough time for it to soak into the soil during the day. The soil should finally dry up towards the end of the day.