How to Grow Salvia

The ‘Salvia Plant’ also known as ‘Salvia Divinorum’ is a relatively easy plant to cultivate however it requires a lot of patience as it tends to be slow growing. The reality is however that many persons today spend loads of money to buy mint as they have no other sources of it. So today we are going to go walk through the steps to get you your very own salvia plant and in return saving you a lot of cash.

Required Materials

  • Salvia Cutting
  • Pots or other container to plant it in (a garden can also be used)
  • Watering Can/ Means of watering the plant.
  • Organic Fertilizer


  1. Allow your salvia cutting to stand in a pot of water for about 2 weeks or until it begins to grow roots.
  2. Once the roots become visible, plant the salvia in rich soil (either in your pot or in your garden if preferred)
  3. Water generously to strengthen the roots.
  4. Apply the organic fertilizer to give your plant a boost. Repeat once a week.
  5. Monitor your plant on a regular basis.

Wow, now wasn’t that easy? Here are a few tips and warnings that may also assist you when growing your plant.

Tips and Warnings

  • Salvia Plants grow best with light watering and in humid temperatures.
  • If your plant should become heavy, breaking over into the soil, don’t worry as this will only cause a a new plant to bloom.