How to Gut a Deer

Gutting is part of hunting game animals. It is an important process that should be performed correctly to turn the deer into tasty venison.

Here are the basic steps in gutting a deer.

Materials Needed

  • A sharp knife
  • Cloth for cleaning
  • Plastic garbage bags with twist tie
  • A One-gallon jug
  • Hose pipe

Steps to Gut a Deer

  1. Cut the private parts.

    For male deer, hold the testicles and the penis away from the body before cutting around it. Cut a ring around the vaginal area for female deer. Then carve a ring around the anus to detach it. This will also free the stomach and the intestines.

  2. Lift the skin.

    Stick out your middle and pointer fingers and point them towards the deer’s chest. Using your fingers, lift off the skin from the stomach region. Slide the knife until you reach the chest bone. Be careful not to cut the gut as it can taint the meat with a foul smell. Thrust the gut away as you lift the skin.

  3. Cut across the rib bone.

    Make a cut all the way through the portion where the ribs come together. This will open the upper portion of the deer, making for easier cutting of the other remaining areas.

  4. Dissect the pelvis.

    Make a cut right through the pelvic region’s central portion. Cut through the hide first and then cut the belly muscle open.

  5. Cut the windpipe.

    Make a slit at the central portion of the throat. Cut away the windpipe and the esophagus.

  6. Hold the deer sideways.

    Tilt the deer sideways to find other organs that need cutting. Filled-up organs should be cut away without puncturing them. Pull out the anus through the hole made earlier.

  7. Tilt the deer up.

    Tilt the deer up after separating all the internal organs from the body to drain the blood.

  8. Spray the insides with water.

    Hang the deer upside down up on a tree branch. Using a hose pipe, spray water on the insides of the deer to wash off dirt or any remaining waste on the meat.