Handrail Installation

To make your house safer, you need to install handrails on your stairs.

The following are the materials and tools that you will need to install handrails:

  • metal plate
  • crews glue
  • hand rail
  • brackets
  • level
  • screwdriver
  • drill, a drill bit pack
  • chalk line
  • awl
  • stud finder
  • 90 degree square
  • hammer
  • measuring tape
  • tape
  • miter saw
  • miter box

Before proceeding with your project, you should consult first with the building department about the code requirements on stair railings. Then, you can follow the following steps to install your handrails:

  • Measure the height required for your handrails. Stand on the top step of your stairs and imagine your elbows holding a handrail. Mark this spot where your hand falls as the top of your handrail. Do the same procedures as you go down the stairs to find the bottom of your rail. Draw a chalk line between the two points. Use a stud finder to locate the studs on the wall and mark their center along the chalk line.
  • Use a level to determine the location of the brackets before installing it. Check for balance and straightness as you hold the brackets in place. To do this, you can ask your friend to help you. Punch a hole into the wall and drill tiny pilot holes and rivet the brackets into position.
  • Decide what paint to use for the railing before installing and setting up the railing. Place the railing onto the brackets. Be sure the brackets meet the railings.
  • Mark the bracket holes underneath the railing then drill. Let the pilot holes on the railing be visible enough. Don’t drill too deep into the railing as it may split the structure.
  • Screw the railing carefully onto the brackets. Avoid not securing the screw at first. You have to do the opposite ends initially before tightening the screw of the railing.
  • Paint the railing with your preferred color depending on your sense of style and taste.
  • Set up a bracket on the wall as you have done with the railing. Return to the railing, screw it, and then attach it to the bracket with glue.