Jacuzzi Installation

Jacuzzi actually refers to a company that produces whirlpool bathtubs. The brand name has been appropriated for use when referring to all whirlpool bathtubs. The modern meaning of the word refers to bathtubs with heated water. The size varies from one that can hold a single person to one the size of a small pool. Different models can also have other features, such as molded seats and jets of water.

Installing a Jacuzzi tub in the home provides a means of relaxation. You can have it installed by a professional or you can do it on your own. Consider your reasons for buying a Jacuzzi. Determine how many people will use it regularly. There are specialized tubs used for therapeutic purposes; however, they may be a bit costly to acquire and maintain. Finally, figure out whether the tub will be placed inside or outside.


Types of Jacuzzi


  • Jacuzzi whirlpool tub has jets that eject pressurized water which provides a massage.
  • Air bath whirlpool uses an airflow system to blow air through the water and generate gentle currents.
  • Jacuzzi water heater models produce a forcible stream of heated water and heated air, available in both Jacuzzi whirlpool and air bath whirlpool. These models increase muscle massage and relaxation.
  • Jacuzzi steam shower tub adds a stream of steaming water through an attached steam shower head.
  • Jacuzzi shower is available for use as a shower, instead of a bathtub.

To decide the type of Jacuzzi you want, consider how much money you will spend. The simpler and smaller ones cost less while the larger and specialized ones cost considerably more.

Consider your available home space, pump location, and the size of the tub before deciding on a location for the tub.


Jacuzzi Installation


Your Jacuzzi model comes with its own manual. This contains specific instructions for the installation of the tub. Follow the instructions carefully.

If you chose a Jacuzzi with a bathtub, you should construct a support frame for the model that you bought. The different types of tubs require frames made to their specifications. Have the bathtub delivered to your house before frame construction.

You must provide adequate clearance of at least 18” x 18” for access to electrical connections. There should also be access to the pump in case it will need servicing.

The standard requirement for a whirlpool tub is a floor structure that can support 150 lbs/square foot (732.27 kilograms per square meter).

For proper drainage, the floor must be level. The tub must be set up as evenly as possible in all directions.

Your Jacuzzi manual will have specific recommendations for electrical and plumbing requirements. You should also consider the building code requirements. For your own safety, it is best to hire a professional electrician and plumber to assist you.