How to Install a Steel Door and Frame

A door is very important because it serves as a point of entry right into homes and other kinds of buildings. Because of this, this part must be made up of a highly durable material like steel. In order to gain utmost protection from unwanted factors and elements coming from the outside, check out these simple steps and learn how to install a steel door and frame. This will help you live in comfort, security and convenience at all times.

How to Set and Install the Door Frame

The process of learning how to install a steel door and frame can be subdivided into two major parts. The first step is this. Carefully remove the old door as well as the existing frame. Take the rough and uneven edges out with the help of sandpaper. Use this item in the surrounding areas of the frame. Make the appropriate measurements including the door as well as the frame. Slowly cut pieces of wood that will form a very good frame. A miter box is perfect for cutting pieces for the parts at the corner.

Search for gaps and cracks at the sides where the frame is to be placed. Fill them with caulk for a smoother and nicer looking result. Be sure that the sides are entirely smooth before installing the materials for framing and molding. After this, use wood screws to attach them. In exchange for screws, nails can also get the job done.

How to Set and Install the Steel Door

We now move on to the second major part of this project. Get the jamb and then install it at the side of the frame. Put a door shim right in between the stud of the wall and the jamb. Get a nail and then push it through the jamb first, through the shim and then through the stud. Overall, put three jambs, one at the top, at the middle and the final one at the bottom. Preferably, start at the middle jamb. After that, do the same steps for the top and bottom jambs. Just like the previous step, push a nail through the jamb, shim and then all the way through the stud.

After this step, get the 3-inch screws. One by one, put them right into the hinges. After that, put screws at the side of the door as well. Check if the door is working properly.

Additional Tips and Information

Before starting with the second major part of this project, it is best to make pre-drilled holes in the jamb, shim and stud. Meanwhile, when handling the steel entry, additional support is necessary because such material is quite heavy compared to regular wooden doors.