Installing a Wood Stove

A wood stove is a type of stove which burns wood to produce fire. The fire can then be used for cooking or for generating heat for the room. Wood stoves are often cheaper alternatives to gas stoves. The problem with them is that they produce black smoke from the burning wood. To handle this, a chimney is added to the stove to direct the smoke outside.

Before you can install a wood stove, determine where to put it in your home. Keep in mind that you will need to connect the stove to a steel double-insulated pipe from the outside that will need a case for covering.

Make sure that the wall near your chosen area is not combustible. You must also provide protection to the wall. If you are going to set up a free standing wood stove, you have to install floor protection which extends to at least 18” around the device.

Look at the chimney pipe to make sure it is straight. This will allow it to properly funnel smoke away while the stove is working. See to it that you have enough insulated chimney that would reach the ceiling. If you are installing your wood stove in a room with a fireplace, you can set up a direct connection from the device to the opening of the fireplace.

Install your wood stove. Make sure that you have the installation manual that comes with the product. The installation steps are dependent on the particular brand and maker of the stove you bought. In general, the first thing you need to set up for your stove is a rear heat shield. Take the wood stove out of its packaging. Secure the legs on the unit using the screws provided with the stove and place the structure on the floor pad. Place the fire bricks inside the stove and arrange them properly. Light the stove to check if the chimney and stove are working properly.