How to Install an Above Ground Swimming Pool

People choose swimming pools that are placed above ground because they take less time to install and they’re cheaper. You don’t need a lot of people to install one.

Prepare Your Materials

Get your materials ready. You will need:

  • a list of specific play-by-play instructions depending on the kind of pool you want
  • the above ground swimming pool kit which comes with all the accessories and hardware you need
  • patio bricks

Many people prefer resin above ground swimming pools because they are known to stand the test of time and weather.

Lay the Groundwork

The most important aspect of an above ground pool is the ground. This is the parcel of land where your pool will rest. Begin by leveling it. Be sure to do this step well because you will have problems doing so once the water is already put in. Although three inches of sand works well, it is easier if you just get a protective pad to be the pool’s ground. This pad protects against grass, rocks, and even sharp objects. You can order customized protective pads from where you purchased your swimming pool kit.

Get Support

  • Install the track that supports the walls of your pool. You can install Coving which protects the liner and makes its installation easier. Also, it is known to lessen corrosion because it cannot be washed away and it won’t confine moisture against metal components. On top of that, Coving won’t change its shape so it will simplify pool cleaning in the future.
  • Wall foam is another product advised to protect your liner and your pool. It can absorb heat and it can protect your liner from perforations or trapped moisture because it is smooth.
  • Smooth the vinyl liner and attach it to the pool sides. Then, you can pour in pool water and start water maintenance. Employ a really good pump and filter system.
  • For a personal touch, you can add designs and/or color. Just consult with an expert so you won’t get carried away with making your pool look good.