How to Build Brick Steps

Necessary materials and tools:

  • brick
  • Portland cement
  • concrete blocks
  • mortar
  • 2”x4” stock
  • reinforced bar
  • nails
  • trowel
  • screed
  • pointing tool
  • brick hammer

The best foundation for brick steps is a concrete base. Construct the frame for the base using the 2”x4” stock. Mix the cement and pour it into the frame. For added adhesion, install the reinforced bars as the cement dries. The rebars will lessen heaving during a freeze.

Use the screed or a wood applied to the surface to serve as a guide for making the cement level. Determine the height of the steps by measuring from the base to the top of the porch. Then, compute how high the rise of each step should be. Keep in mind the dimensions of the bricks available for use.

Wet the bricks thoroughly a few hours before using them so that they don’t absorb too much mortar. Lay 1/2-inch of mortar on the concrete base and use the screed to level it. Place the bricks on the wet cement, leaving spaces or joints about ½ inch between the bricks. Use a trowel to fill the joints with mortar before moving to the next brick layer. Repeat until all the steps have been created with bricks, always making sure the steps are level.

Before the concrete totally hardens, clean the bricks to remove excess mortar and stains.