How to Install a Chain Link Fence

Many people from all parts of the world use chain link fences to protect their properties. This particular type of fencing system is very attractive because of its reliability and affordability. Unlike the other materials available, the basic material used here is less expensive. Furthermore, people can actually see what lies at the opposite side of the fence without actually going there. For those who wish to enjoy all these wonderful qualities, look at these simple steps and learn how to install a chain link fence.

Materials Needed

Learning how to install a chain link fence is relatively easy, especially with all these important materials available. One of the most important parts of this task is the mixing of concrete. For this reason, be sure to get a wheelbarrow, hoe and shovel. Certain measurements are also to be made so be sure to bring a tape measure. A fence stretcher may come in handy, and so are the pliers. Moreover, procure a metal cutting blade or pipe cutter, either of which will be used for cutting. Other important materials include a carpenter’s level, a hole-digging apparatus and a wrench.


The very first thing to do is to determine the boundaries. This is very important and make it sure not to go further beyond the line of property. To make the most out of your land, set the limits at the exact position of the property line. After setting these all-important details, use the stakes to put some marks on the ground. Use the string to connect every stake to the next.

Before installing the posts, be sure to build a solid foundation for each of them. Dig a hole for each pole. Every one of them must measure at least 18-inches to 30-inches deep. Furthermore, each of them must be at least 8-inches wide. Make sure that the sides of each hole are set vertically.

After digging the foundation for the poles, use either a chalk or a crayon to mark the ground line. The height of the posts is another important aspect to consider. The posts must be at least two to three inches higher than the fences.

For the concrete mixture, combine a part of cement with two parts sand and four parts gravel. Pour in some water. Do not put excessive amounts of water as this may compromise concrete quality in the end. Set every pole directly right at the middle of each hole. Pour cement and wait until it completely dries. Leave the mixture untouched for at least a day. Get the carpenter’s level and then use it to measure the plumb.

The next thing to do is to determine the location of each line post. Simply get the tape measure and then use it to measure the distance in between the terminal posts. The very same distance must also be set for the line posts. Take out the chain link fabric. Install it by starting from one of the terminal posts. Get the tension bar and then use it on the very first row of the fabric. Be sure to stretch out and fasten the material.

A little bit after that, get the fittings and rail end bands. Install them at the terminal posts. Moreover, add the post caps as well. Position the fabric tightly within the frames of the fence. A gate is also very important. Use hinges and bolts to hold in place the fabric. Double-check and tighten all the hinges and bolts.