How to Make a Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow is one of the oldest hunting tool sets in the world. Although it is already becoming outdated, it is still treated as quite a regal weapon. You can make your own bow and arrow with the right instructions and sufficient materials.

Materials Needed

  • 1 meter hardwood stick (bow)
  • Non-stretch string
  • Any wood cutting tool
  • Straight sticks about 1/2 meter in length (arrows)
  • Metal, flint stone or other materials used to make arrow heads

Making the Bow

  1. Choose a stick for your bow. You can use any kind of wood as long as it is about 1 meter long. The wood should be smooth – free of twists, limbs, or knots.
  2. Find out the natural curve of the wood that you have chosen.
  3. Shape the bow. To achieve a strong bow, look for a twig or a piece of wood that has a thick center.
  4. Cut the notches to hold the string for the bow. The notches should be about 1 to 2 inches from the end of each bow.
  5. You can use any of the following materials as bow string:
    • thin nylon
    • rawhide
    • hemp cord
    • cotton strands
    • sinew
    • vines

    The string does not need to be very stretchy, since the power comes not from the string but from the wood.

Making the Arrow

  1. Choose the straightest stick that you can find for your arrows. Arrows should be half as long as the bow, so that the bow can be drawn back.
  2. Shape the arrows by whittling the wood around it. If you need to straighten it, heat its shaft over hot coals and hold it straight as the wood cools down.
  3. Carve a small notch at the posterior end of the arrow to give space for the bow string.
  4. Make arrowheads by carving a point on the front of the shaft of the arrow. You can whittle an arrowhead made from metal, glass, stone, or bone. Attach the arrowhead to the tip of the arrow by making a notch in the wood, inserting it into the notch, and securing it with a cord or string.