How to Make a Family Tree

A family tree is a graphic representation of the relationships of family members over a specific time period. It consists of names connected by parental and marital lines. You can easily make your own family tree.

Steps to Make a Family Tree

  1. You need to gather sufficient and accurate information about your family. Write down the facts you already know. Contact your relatives and ask them about other distant relatives and family members. You may find that information about certain relatives and family members are not easily found. In this case, you need to conduct more extensive research.
  2. Organize your notes. Form a sequence of the data you have acquired. Determine the ones that you would use first from those you would need at a latter time.
  3. Make a draft of your family tree. Start with your self and your siblings if you have any. Normally, you should put your self at the top of the tree. Then connect your self to your parents, and connect your parents to your grandparents. If your parents have brothers and/or sisters, you should also connect them. Do this until you no longer have any family members to connect to.
  4. Review your family tree. Show it to your family members and relatives. If they suggest any corrections, perform the said changes before making the final family tree. In addition to names, you can also add pictures, birthdays, and small bits of information about each person.
  5. There are certain software designed specifically to help make family trees. You simply have to enter the names and relationships between the family members, and the program will do the graphical representation for you.