How to Make a Pillowcase

Making pillowcases is an enjoyable hobby. A pillowcase is just a piece of fabric folded and stitched. There are so many colors, designs and shapes that you can make using your creativity. Pillowcases make useful items for your bedroom, or for giving away as presents.

To make a pillowcase, you need fabrics and matching thread. The size of the fabric depends on the kind of pillowcase you want to make. The usual pillowcase sizes are:

  • Standard Case: 21″ x 32″;
  • Queen: 21″ x 36″;
  • King Case: 21″ x 42″

For one set of Standard Cases, you need two yards of 45″ fabric. A set of Queen Cases uses 2.25 yards of 45″. A set of King Cases uses 2.5 yards of 45″ fabric. Measure your pillow to be sure about the size that you need.

Buy lace, ribbons and trims according to the designs that you want to stitch on your pillowcase. You can even embroider your pillowcase by hand or with your sewing machine.

You will also use the following sewing supplies: scissors, large sewing ruler or yardstick, fabric marking pencils, seam ripper, your sewing machine, and an iron.

Cut the fabric according to the pillowcase size that you will make. Fold the fabric in half sideways, with the finished side on the inside. Sew up two sides, one long and one short.

Turn the fabric inside-out. Keep the top of the pillowcase open, but stitch around the open ends to avoid the fraying of edges. Fold the border of the open half
¼” to ½ “ down toward the inside of the pillowcase. Ironing it makes it easier to sew.

Fold the border of the open half another 4″ down toward the inside of the pillow. Iron and sew along the lower edge of the 4″ hem.

Your pillowcase is finished. All you need to do is to add the trimmings.