How to Make a Trap

Rats do not only cause structural damage or gnaw on your belongings; they can also spread disease to members of your family. Reducing their numbers or eliminating them completely should become a priority during the first signs of an infestation. You may use various methods of pest control ranging from poisoned rat bait to rat traps. However, there are those who would rather opt to make a more humane trap for these pesky vermin.

Those who are interested on how to make a trap that is humane and non-kill have several options. They can purchase a non-kill trap from a supplier and assemble it as soon as it is delivered. But if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative then you might have to learn how to make a trap out of household items, which would really save you money.

Bucket Traps

Bucket traps are probably the most efficient way of getting rid of rodents in your home. They are also easy to construct and will require the least amount of work when you try to make one. You’ll need the following materials to build a bucket trap:

  • Peanut butter
  • Cracker
  • Toilet paper tube
  • Bucket or a trash can (one that is 20 inches tall or higher)


Here are the steps on how to make a trap that won’t kill your pesky visitors. Flatten out one side of the toilet paper tube. This will result to a tube half of it a semi-circle and the other half flattened. You can now lay the tube on a surface without having the tube roll over. You may want to crease out a couple of parallel lines to make a flat side.

The next step on how to make a trap would be to prepare your bait. Rats love peanut butter and are very attracted to it. Take a piece of cracker that will fit in one end of your tube. Place a dab or two of peanut butter on your cracker bait and place the cracker on one end of your paper towel tube.

Place your paper towel tube on an elevated surface like a table. Balance it on the edge of the surface where the bait is hanging out over the edge. The idea is to attract a rodent to crawl through the paper towel to get to the bait. What should happen then is that the bait, paper towel tube, and the rat would tip over the edge as the rat’s weight unbalances the whole thing as he lunges for the bait.

To complete the procedure on how to make a trap that is humane and non-kill is to position your bucket or trash can exactly where your tube and bait would fall. And that is how to make a trap for rodents out of household items. Make sure that you’re at least a mile away from your home when you release your rodent.