How to Make Fimo Beads

Fimo beads are very popular among teens and young adults because they can be crafted into different colors, shapes and designs. The materials can be readily purchased from craft stores. Some of them may be available in your home.

Tools and Materials Needed

Begin making your own Fimo beads by procuring your materials. These include:

  • Polymer clay. The Fimo beads’ name comes from the Fimo brand, but you can use any kind of clay or malleable material.
  • Molds. You can roll the clay between your palms to make spherical beads, but you need molds to make other shapes.
  • A knitting or crochet needle. You need one to bore a hole through your beads. A toothpick will also do.
  • An oven. You must fire the clay in your home oven to harden them.
  • Paint. Select the colors that you want for your beads.
  • Varnish. The varnish will protect your beads and add a glossy finish.

If you plan to make many beads, a pasta machine is a useful gadget for flattening and molding your Fimo clay. You can also use a sandpaper to make the surface of your beads smooth.

Steps in Making Fimo Beads

  1. When all the materials are ready, you start by kneading the clay between your palms to make it warm and malleable. Remove any air bubbles.
  2. Mold and cut the beads according to your desired shapes. Do you want them round, oblong, or shaped like a heart, a butterfly or a star? How big do you wish them to be? That depends on the jewelry design that you have in mind. Don’t forget to use a needle or toothpick to bore a hole through the beads, and then leave it there. You will need it to thread your beads later.
  3. When you have finished molding your beads, you are ready to fire them in the oven. Hang them inside the oven and bake with a temperature of 2650 F or 1300 C. Most clays will harden within 30 minutes.
  4. When the beads have cooled, you can remove them from the needle. Lay the beads on a flat tray. You can now paint them with the colors you want and cover them with a layer of varnish. The last step is to string the beads together.

Let your creativity work and wear your beads proudly!